Spark Breakfast


From October 2012 until October 2014 I presented the weekday Breakfast Show on Sunderland community and student radio station Spark FM.
This was my first venture into radio presenting, and one that I had so much fun doing! With the birth of this site it means I can stash all my best (and strangest) moments from the show in one handy little place.

I would say Im doing this for your pleasure, but deep down Im doing it so I can listen back when I fancy a laugh (or an idea!)

In all seriousness though, If you want to find a great starting point to getting involved in radio, depending on your age Student Radio is one of the best places to try everything and anything, and just have fun without having any boundaries! I know from attending talks and chatting to others this is an opinion mirrored across the industry and many ideas seen on bigger stations were originally tried on student radio!

As a sign of things to come: Lets go back to June 2014 in which we decided to test if the Milk in the communal fridge was off or not, live on air!

Spark Breakfast plays Milk Roulette by Dom Stirling on Mixcloud

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