Spark Drive does Halloween…


So aswell as my usual home being on the Breakfast Show at Spark FM, now and again I would have to jump into the DriveTime gap, and back in 2013 I had this opportunity on October 31, which of course is Halloween.

This meant that we went all out and had a huge 3 hour Halloween spectacular! It involved pumpkin carving, fancy dress, apple bobbing and a nice game I conjured up named ‘Trick or Treat’! Basically the premise of the game involved the numbers 1-8 with each number attached to a piece of food which was either delicious or not so delicious. Each guest into the studio picked a number and then was fed the food blindfolded.

Now despite me sourcing and numbering the foods, it was revealed on air that I would have which ever food was left at the end, and by sheer coincidence it was the WORST possible treat which left me quite literally speechless… Take a listen

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