DJ Fresh


As far as world famous DJ’s go, DJ Fresh is right up there! He’s been around for what feels like an eternity which is a good thing, yet he keeps managing to reinvent himself each time, changing the style of songs he produces!
Back at the start of 2014 he released one of his biggest songs to date Dibby Dibby Sound which no matter how hard you tried to get it out of your head, you couldn’t. It was that catchy!
I have to admit, it didn’t capture my attention until after the first few times of playing it, it’s what most people like to call a grower! Fortunately for me I was a massive fan of the song by the time it came to chatting to the man himself all about this track, what the song meant, and whether I could be apart of his Dibby Dibby crew?

Whilst we had him on the line, we also thought it was time someone answered the question bugging us all, how many Dibbys are there in the song….

You can check out more from DJ Fresh here

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