St Vincent


As much as I love interviewing bands and artists that are up for a laugh and love nothing more than letting the interview descend into chaos, there’s something equally thrilling about getting the chance to sit down and go into detail with passionate musicians. This is exactly what I got to do in June 2014 with the chance to interview the exceptionally talented Annie Clark a.k.a St Vincent.

For those that aren’t aware of who St Vincent is, its a tough question to answer and one which I feel is best suited to being answered by the lady herself in the interview below!

Also in this interview we chatted about her recent performance with Nirvana (minus Kurt Cobain for obvious reasons) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, her stand out moment of her career so far and her recent addition to the Glastonbury line up (it was recent at the time of speaking).

So check it out: From June 2014 here is my chat with the wonderful St Vincent

Interview with St Vincent by Dom Stirling on Mixcloud

If you want to find out more about St Vincent, you can here
And you can check out her BRILLIANT performance with Nirvana you can here

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