On Repeat – The Chemical Brothers


The Chemical Brothers have been around longer than I have been on this earth which makes you think they would be running of steam by now? But just when you think this is the case they return with a sound better than ever and in my opinion Go does just that.

I tob_0c2b87_the-chemical-brothers-born-in-the-echohink what makes them so successful is that despite them being around for roughly 25 years, they don’t churn out albums year after year. They take their time, they think through everything and produce tracks they are happy with, with this single taken from their recent 8th album Born in the Echos.

I remember first time of hearing Go and really loving the bassline, and then add to the slow build up and the use of electro sounds all before the chorus hits. A song is made by how catchy a riff can be, and the chorus riff is something that never seems to leave my head!

n.b the louder the better…

You can purchase the brand new album Born in the Echos here

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