On Repeat – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Macklemore is marmite to me, as in serious marmite. I love him, I love his style of music and he offers something different to the music industry.
Cant Hold Us was quite possibly my favourite song of 2013, it never got old, I could listen to it over and over again, and god help anyone that was around me if it came on in a club. Shit. Lost

However on the flip side of that, his tracks, for me, aren’t consistent. His album was a bitter disappointment, with some tracks screaming to be skipped.

Therefore with the release of Downtown I was skeptical, urging it to be the Macklemore that sticks in your head all day and night. And honestly on first listen I was slightly disappointed, but as the track goes on it does start to push its way into your mind and become a track you may consider sticking on your most recent playlist.

wide-macklemore-620x349The brilliant vocals of Eric Nally add so much to the track, much like Ray Dalton on Cant Hold Us, and its his first appearance about 1:30 into the track that really starts to bring it to life. Take nothing away from the genius of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who in my opinion are trend setters, constantly taking music in a different direction, offering something that is completely different to what is dominating the charts at the moment. Saying this there are stark similarities to a certain Uptown Funk mainly seen in the video, but fortunately its far enough Downtown to stand on its own two feet.

In Radio terms,  this track is what I class as a 100% grower

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