On Repeat – Bring Me The Horizon


I remember for a long time dismissing BMTH, I never really thought I would enjoy their music, but how wrong I was. I was incredibly late to the ‘how good an album is Sempiternal‘ party, maybe even a year or so but I reckon I’ve made up for it with the amount of repeats its had in my car CD player.

After loving the album so much I honestly struggled to see how they could match it with their follow up (announced as That’s the Spirit) but I may yet again have to eat humble pie as their first release from that album Happy Song is everything I wanted from a rock song and more. Simply put, its an anthem! An anthem that makes you want to pump your first and scream at the top of your lungs, in the best way possible.

If they keep Thats the Spirit heading in the same direction from this starting point I honestly think it could match or even better Sempiternal

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