A Mass Pet Blessing

Pet Blessing

They say never work with animals, so this past week on the Steve and Karen Breakfast Show on Metro Radio and TFM we decided IMG_3792to not only ignore that rule, but gather as many pets as possible on what could be the weirdest shift I have ever worked on.

To sum it up, Steve quite fancied getting his 4 month old pug Ted officially made a part of the family with a pet blessing (which is basically a christening for pets). Obviously stating this on air meant it attracted a fair bit of attention so within a week it had escalated from a small blessing to a mass pet blessing ceremony held in Pets Corner in Jesmond Dene overseen by an ACTUAL Bishop.

Listeners were invited down to the event held on Wednesday 22 July and they turned up in their droves accompanied by pets of all shapes and sizes. Not only were there a vast array of dogs but a goat, Interview Dragonbearded dragon, guinea pig, rabbit, Skunk and even a hairy Armadillo named Rory were also present.

With roughly 200 people in attendance and a wide variety of animals all getting blessed individually it was certainly a moment where you have to stand back and question is this really happening.

You can check out exactly what went down in the video below
And you can see how the Newcastle Evening Chronicle reported the event here

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