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So for the first week of August I was asked to cover the overnight show (1-6 am) on the Bauer City 1 Network across England.

Well for some reason they have asked me to carry on doing this show for a further two weeks meaning I will be attempting to work night shifts till the 22nd of August. Not only this but I will be covering Scotland as well, meaning you catch me right across the UK on 16 different stations.

Therefore if you tune your radio to any of these stations between 1-6am you will catch me until August 22:
Key 103
Radio City
Rock FM
Metro Radio
Radio Aire
Viking FM
Hallam FM
Clyde 1
Forth 1
Tay FM
Radio Borders
Northsound 1
West FM


You can also see if im managing to adjust my body clock on Twitter @domstirling12

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